Laser Age Spot & Sun Spot

If you feel self-conscious about age spots and brown marks, such as solar lentigos caused by age or sun damage, and feel that they are adding years to your appearance, then our latest laser treatment may offer a solution.

We use the Q Switched Nd:YAG laser at 532nm to treat flat brown marks such as age spots or solar lentigos, which are typically caused by sun exposure. The laser uses a powerful beam of green that shines through the outer layer of the skin. The brown pigment absorbs the light energy and gets very hot for a fraction of a second. This is enough to break up the pigment.

It is usual to allow at least two months between treatments for the damaged pigment to be absorbed and the skin to recover.

The Q switched Nd:YAG laser gives the best cosmetic result when it is used on pale skin because of the contrast between the brown pigment and lighter surrounding area. If you are considering laser treatment for age spots, we would recommend that you book an initial consultation to discuss whether this would be your best treatment option, as well as the results you can expect.